In hindsight, I’ve realized that I’ve been able to move forward with greater ease because I took the opportunity to be supported by coaches that were on a similar journey that I was on.

They experienced what I was going through & were able to get the breakthrough to what was holding them back and were now able to support me to do the same.

For me having Type 2 Diabetes and changing my life style seemed like a daunting task…it was just too big & it felt very overwhelming to let go of what felt comfortable. There were a lot of excuses (they were really sub-conscious beliefs) that were holding me back.

If I didn’t have a coach to walk me through the terrain of self doubt, procrastination, feelings of disempowerment etc. I know that it would have taken me much longer to get the breakthroughs I needed or I may have thrown in the towel in the process.

So, with that in mind if you feel like you can’t do this alone, that it’s a daunting task or any other reason or belief & would like some hand holding, I want to begin the new year by giving you the opportunity to work with me.

My New Year’s gift to you is $200 off my Health & Wellness Coaching Program of 4 sessions (1 session a week) to help you start the process. Just use COUPON CODE: SAVE200 when you register (good through January 7th).

For more info & to register click the link below:

My heartfelt desire for the New Year is that you search your heart to see what your soul is calling you to do and to take that one baby step that resonates with you & then another, & another. The Universe has your back covered, & has gone before you and made the road ahead of you easy & straight. You are safe. You are loved.

To Your Optimal Health!

Love & Blessings,

Brenda Blindenbach
Health & Wellness Coach

p.s. Looking forward to your questions, comments or feedback that you can post in the comment section below.