My intent is that you will find help and support for optimum health through the content that I supply with these blog articles.

Some of the things that you read about may be a bit unconventional and thinking outside the box.

However if you keep an open mind and are willing to check things out you may be surprised to learn a thing or two and apply it to your life to bring about a revolutionary change in your health and wellness.

Most of what you will find here are for you if you’ve been diagnosed as having type two diabetes, pre diabetes, or having metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome, also known as Syndrome x, is a cluster of conditions like increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels, that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Stress is also a major contributor to this and other diseases.

The underlying or root cause is basically the same. It is linked to a condition called insulin resistance. When we heal the problem at the root, the symptoms lessen or disappear. Now that is good news!

Having metabolic syndrome can increase your risk of developing Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease – a complication that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

What traditional medicine has been doing is treating the symptoms instead of the cause of a problem, and so the symptoms reappear. This keeps us at a status quo, with no chance of our health getting better or cured. For this change to occur we have to change our thinking or mind set, and we need to look for the truth instead of believing the myths we’ve been fed.

Are you open and ready for this? If so then I’m asking you to be a part of this community by:

  • Keeping an open mind
  • Checking things out
  • Acting on it when it resonates with you
  • Paying it forward by sharing it with others and through your feedback. (The feedback is Important for me as this is how I get to know how to serve you better)

Looking forward to getting to know you and I’m so grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to serve you by using my gifts, talents and wisdom.

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome.

Brenda Blindenbach
Health and Wellness Coach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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