I’m so excited to be interviewed as the special guest on “This Week on… Fast Action Fridays with host Kat Sturtz”, airing on Friday November 8th. The subject is going to be on “Making Lifestyle Changes Easily” (the replay is below).

Making lifestyle changes can often be a challenge for a lot of people, especially if one doesn’t realize that it’s a process that takes time and requires support. The difficult part is committing and following through.

Regardless of one’s age, following a healthy lifestyle has numerous health benefits. It has been proven that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases the incidence of obesity & diabetes, cognitive dysfunction & psychiatric disorders.

Making lifestyle changes to one’s diet typically boils down to doing the things that one needs to do consistently every day. A major problem, many overweight people have, is trying to shed unwanted pounds, so they focus on just losing weight.

Making life style changes isn’t just for weight loss. It’s for anyone who has a chronic health condition, or would like to reduce their risk of developing one in the future and feel better overall.

Many chronic diseases can be prevented, significantly improved, or even completely reversed simply by making positive diet and lifestyle changes.

What’s exciting is that there are some basic action steps that can be taken to accelerate this process. I will be sharing some of these crucial steps in this interview & one thing in particular, which if acted upon can result in an improved and successful outcome fairly quickly.

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