In the wake of the Corona virus and all the uncertainty & fear that surrounds it, it’s normal to feel worried, anxious & uncertain. Things have been escalating almost by the hour, which makes us feel powerless.

With that in mind here are some thoughts I’d like to share which I hope will give you some peace of mind, which I use on almost a moment to moment basis when I need it.

I know that although I can’t change the situation I can change my perception & how I deal with it.

I’m aware of the fact that stress weakens my immune system, so being conscious of my thoughts & feelings is crucial if I want my immune system to work for me at an optimal level.

So I remind myself that I live in a universe of perfection and that it has my back, which helps me stay in a place of faith & positive belief. As I do this I attract to me that which supports my well being. Fear does the opposite. Fear attracts what I don’t want.

That doesn’t mean that I ignore the threat of this virus. I choose to follow inspired action rather than fear in the choices I’ve made. I believe everything that happens in life is an opportunity to heal us on an individual level.

However what I’ve also noticed is that since this is happening on a pandemic level, that all of us are being given the opportunity to do the same at the same time. Changes that want to emerge in all of us as individuals, can now happen on a global level. Isn’t that exciting?

We can all grow & move forward together quickly.The earth’s frequency is changing fast & we need to keep up with that frequency for our own health & well being.

So for this to happen, besides taking care of my physical being – my immune system, good nutrition, supplementing, sleeping well, reducing stress (high stress lowers the immune system) etc, I also at the same time, need to get off the mental & emotional roller coaster that I may be constantly going through so that I can be tuned into the Infinite Possibilities that lie ahead.

Here Are Some Tips That Help Me Do This

1. Being mindful of my thoughts and feelings is very important to stay healthy & happy. When I find a negative thought entering my mind, I take a moment to shift my thoughts and reach for a thought for something more pleasant.

2. I avoid having negative conversations as much as possible which includes listening to negative newscasts- I read the updates quickly & move on.

3. Breath is a powerful tool, so I breathe deeply from my diaphragm. When I get triggered I tend to take shallow breaths (by the way we all do). So I do this for as long as it takes and I notice how it starts to clear my mind & energizes my body.

4.I feel in my heart appreciation for everything that I have right now.

5. A great way to shift my vibration is through listening to music that is uplifting. Using my voice (one doesn’t even have to be on key to do this by the way) by humming a tune, toning, putting a positive affirmation to my favorite tune, etc. are some of the ways I do this.

I’m always amazed how quickly I can shift that vibration & feel better.

6. Watching videos that makes me laugh. Laughter is really the best medicine.

7. Watching inspirational movies or videos or listening to to a podcast.

8. Taking a walk in nature – a park, or on the beach.

There are so many more ways to make a person feel good. What’s yours? Add it to the list.

*Image by Helen Fernald