Treat Type 2 Diabetes Optimal Health Solution

Optimal Health Solution
How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

This Exclusive 6 – Month Program Includes:

  • 6 Coaching Sessions – One a Month
  • 5 Modules with 3 Segments for each Module in Video and Audio Format
  • Special Report: Busting The Myths About Diabetes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • + 7 Bonuses
Brenda Blindenbach Health & Wellness Coach

From: Brenda Blindenbach
Re: How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Dear Wellness Seeker,

After 20 years of teaching and working in the Health and Wellness Industry and in the Energy Field of Medicine Brenda Blindenbach has helped people in the area of emotional health and releasing limiting belief systems.

She has also integrated all her experience and expertise to bring you a system for bringing health and balance into your life through this Optimal Health Solution – How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Brenda knows about reversing Type 2 Diabetes having struggled with it for 26 years. After doing the research on how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes she’s applied the information she’s gleaned from it, and has stopped taking oral medication and insulin has been reduced 98%…. Almost there!

Do You Know What’s Preventing You From
Your Goal For Having Optimal Health?

Are you…

  • Struggling with your health right now?

  • So overwhelmed on your health journey, that you’ve almost given up believing that you can do something about your situation?
  • Procrastinating because of not knowing if it’s going to work or not?
  • Afraid that it will take a lot of time and effort to change things, and you don’t have the energy to deal with it?

That’s okay, because knowing that you feel or act this way is the first crucial step in knowing that these are the reasons that are preventing you from deliberately creating the life that you want to create.

You now understand that following these beliefs and emotions are what lead you to undesirable destinations.

Optimal Health Solution – How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Is a simple, yet highly informative and motivational self-healing action plan for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

It is setup as a 6 month online program, where you receive 5 modules over 6 months. Each module contains 3 segments. Plus you will be able to access some of your bonuses and the first segment right after registering. You can work at your own pace, beginning when you enroll and will have long-term access to the program. Also, there is a monthly Coaching and Q&A call over the 6 months and a private Facebook Group.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Normalize Blood Sugars
  • Reduce or even eliminate medication through natural diet and lifestyle based care
  • Lower Triglycerides
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Raise your HDL
  • Have More Energy
  • Lose weight

If what you really want is moving toward creating optimal health then this transformational online course Optimal Health Solution – How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes has the secret you’ve been waiting for…

When you understand and apply these lifestyle change you’ll experience miraculous transformation beyond your wildest expectations. You were created to thrive and get what you want!

Modules & Bonuses:

Module 1 (3 Segments Below)

Segment 1

1. What is the cause of T2 Diabetes?
2. The Effect of Diets on Health
3. Your assignment

Segment 2

A. The 6 Different Forms of Diabetes

1 . Pre-Diabetes
2. Type 1
3. Type 2
4. Type 3
5. Gestational Diabetes
6. MODY – Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young

B. How to Read the Nutritional Facts on Labels.
C. Your Assignment

Segment 3

1. The #1 Killer – Heart Disease
2. Hypertension.
3. The #2 Killer – Stroke
4. The New Food Groups
5. Your Assignment- questionnaire

Module 2 (3 Segments Below)

Segment 1

1. The Difference Between White sugar & Plant sugar
2. The Optimal Breakfast
3. A Word About Protein Powders
4. Some More Breakfast Ideas
5. The Glycemic Index
6. Your Assignment

Segment 2

1. What are Macronutrients
2. Tips for Increasing Fiber in Your Diet
3. Why Micronutrients Are Crucial to Your Health
4. Food Options for Lunch
5. Your Assignment

Segment 3

1. Understanding What Calorie Density Means
2. Guidelines to Follow
3. Healthy Dinner Ideas
4. Quick Dinner’s
5. Your Assignment Create Your 7 Day Meal Plan

Module 3 (3 Segments Below)

Segment 1

1. What is Intermittent Fasting?
2. Busting Some Myths About Fasting
A. Some Kinds of Fasts
1.The 12-hour Protocol
2. The 16/8 Protocol
3. The 24-hour Protocol
4. Alternate Day Fasting
B. Breaking Your Fast

Segment 1

Different Methods of Exercise. Part 1
1. Chair based exercises
2. Moving Forward 101
3. Fat Burning Latin Dance Workout
4. How to Cha – Cha for Beginners.
5. Want to Learn How to Salsa?

Segment 2

Different Methods of Exercise. Part 2
1. Aqua Fit Exercises
2. Wonderful Water Workouts

Segment 3

Different Methods of Exercise. Part 2 (continued)
3. Beginner Yoga Class
4. Pilates
5. Bodyweight Workout
6. 7 Minute Workout, Easy, Full Body Isometrics

Module 4 (3 Segments Below)

Segment 1

1. What Stress is & It’s Effects on Your Health & Brain
2. Ways to Remove or Diminish Body Stress
3. Laughter is The Best Medicine
4. Your Assignment

Segment 2

1. What is an Oxidant?
2. What is Amla?
3. Some Natural Supplements
4. What is the Dawn Phenomenon?
5. Your Assignment

Segment 3

1. Why You Need Vitamin B12 & the part Vitamin B12 deficiency plays in Cognitive Decline & Other Diseases
2. How The Human Microbiome Works
3. The Difference between Prebiotics & Probiotics
4. Your Assignment

Module 5 (3 Segments Below)

Segment 1

1.The Origins of Aromatherapy
2. Aromatherapy Today
3. What are Essential Oils?
4. The Safe Use of Essential Oils
5. Your Assignment. (Quiz)

Segment 2

1. Methods of Extracting Essential Oils from Plants
2. Different Ways to Use Essential Oils
3. Categorization of Essential Oils
4. Your Assignment.

Segment 3

1. Carrier Oils
2. Signature profiles of 10 Essential oils
3. Introduction to Blending
4. Recipe Synergistic Blends

Bonuses you will receive:

1. Private Facebook Group

2. 6 Q & A Calls/Webinar (Priceless)

  • Ask Brenda Your Questions
  • Receive Audio Recording

3. Meal Planning
4. Transformation At The Core Level
5. Creating Wellbeing by Transforming Grief Loss ($997 value)
6. Breathing Exercise To Release Stress
7. DIY Essential Oil Recipes

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