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Hello, Brenda,
Thank you for the wonderful, caring session with Sophie. Sophie had a 12-hour glucose curve test today. I am happy to say that, finally, her glucose level is near normal! This positive result is after 8 months of adjusting her diet and medication without success.
I think Sophie’s session with you was beneficial for her to be able to take part in her own healing.Thank you!
Hello Brenda, thank you for the session. My face is clear now, free of the rash. I am so grateful.
Georgette Mc Laren
I would like to give my thanks to Brenda for her caring nature, and enthusiasm in offering herself and her work to others. Since receiving my numbers, there are two things which I noticed.In the first week, I know my body began detoxifying and my elimination was better. It continues to be efficient. I used to drink an 8 oz. glass of water and have to go to the toilet within an hour.Now, I am drinking the nano water, and I notice that I am not running to the toilet as often, but that my body is really absorbing the water I drink. My joints are feeling great, without any stiffnessor aches.”With Gratitude…
Jane Adamson
I was presented with the opportunity to work with Brenda on trapped emotions . I went in with an open mind, but not certain of what to expect. Quickly, I realized I had a “heart wall” and trapped emotions. As these were identified and released my responses in that moment were profound, resulting in immediate physical change. I feel blessed to have met Brenda and had the opportunity to do this work with her. It is invaluable.”
Carolyn Buzdegan
“Thank you Brenda for helping me to get and stay on the right path to treating my Type 2 Diabetes… I am feeling better, my blood sugars are down, have lost weight and have been able to decrease my insulin. Now there is hope!”
CoraLyn from AZ
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Optimal Health Solution How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Coaching Program

Is a simple, yet highly informative and motivational self-healing action plan for people with Type 2 Diabetes, providing transformation, not only for the physical but also the emotional aspect of you. It is setup as a 6 month online program, where you receive 5 modules over 6 months. Each module contains 3 segments. Plus you will be able to access some of your bonuses and the first segment right after registering. You can work at your own pace, beginning when you enroll and will have long-term access to the program. Also, there is a monthly Coaching and Q&A call over the 6 months and a private Facebook Group. For more information click here

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